100 Funny Questions to Ask Kids About Life(Get Them Talking)

Children are the purest souls; the pile of mud waiting to be moulded. These days children are more advanced in knowledge- what we learnt in our 20s, they know it even before they are teens. 

If you are babysitting or are just curious to question them and prevent them from getting bored then you are at the right place! Asking relevant questions to children can help them broaden their horizons and become more open-minded. 

You can either get them to think about solutions to problems or you can pique their interest. The answers gleaned from their responses can help parents or guardians or us in enriching their lives and making the best decisions for them.

So, without any ado let’s check out these 100 questions for kids.

  1. How do you deal with your flaws?
  2. Which colour is your favourite? Why?
  3. What’s the strangest meal you’ve ever had?
  4. What is the source of thunder and lightning?
  5. What makes the sea so blue?
  6. What causes the ocean to be warm or cold?
  7. What do you suppose the galaxy’s total number of stars is?
  8. What is the total number of planets in our solar system?
  9. Is the sun a planet or a star?
  10. What is the moon’s distance from us?
  11. Earth is located in which galaxy?
  12. What is the primary source of energy on Earth?
  13. Why are humans unable to breathe underwater?
  14. Is it simpler to communicate through water or by air?
  15. What is the world’s longest river?
  16. Did you help someone today in class?
  17. Did someone praise you today or this week? For what?
  18. Have you ever been made to laugh by someone?
  19. At lunch, who sat next to you? Do you like them?
  20. What do you have reason to be grateful for?
  21. Are you eager about your upcoming years?
  22. What would your toys say if they could talk?
  23. What would you draw if you could draw anything right now?
  24. What do you anticipate your dreams will be tonight?
  25. What do you believe animals are saying?
  26. Do you like it when others share something with you?
  27. Would you rather have a fight with your teacher or with your parents?
  28. What makes you so special?
  29. What qualifies someone as intelligent?
  30. What would you change about your life if you had the chance?
  31. What is the most terrifying thing that you are afraid of?
  32. What do you consider to be your greatest strength?
  33. What would you do if you were in charge of your own rules at home?
  34. Who is your favourite character from a book?
  35. What’s your go-to ensemble?
  36. What’s your go-to munchie?
  37. Which animal is your favourite?
  38. When you’re outside, what’s your favourite thing to do?
  39. Every night, what do you bring to bed with you?
  40. What are your favourite breakfast foods?
  41. What should we make for your birthday dinner?
  42. What is your favourite memory?
  43. What makes that toy your favourite?
  44. What are your thoughts about school?
  45. Is there any other way to solve the problem?
  46. What are some things you could do differently next time?
  47. What method did you use to create this colour?
  48. Could you tell me a little bit about what you’re up to?
  49. What does this symbolise for you?
  50. Can you explain the differences between these two?
  51. What method did you use to forecast the answer?
  52. Is there anything else you’d like to know?
  53. What do you have to say about it?
  54. What causes you to be sad? And why?
  55. Do you like sweet or savoury things to eat?
  56. What can we do to improve our parenting skills?
  57. Is there anyone who has shown unkindness? What exactly did you do?
  58. What acts of kindness did you come across today?
  59. Would you rather sit in a classroom with a group or alone?
  60. Would you rather go to a circus performance or watch fireworks?
  61. Do you prefer to play in the rain or in the snow?
  62. Do you prefer toothpaste or water to wash your teeth?
  63. Have you been inspired today by someone or something?
  64. What would you do if you could be invisible for one day?
  65. Would you rather be the size of an ant or the size of a hulk?
  66. Which planet would you visit if you could only visit one in the universe?
  67. Is it true that unicorns fart rainbows?
  68. What do you enjoy most about school?
  69. Why did you choose to sketch that particular picture?
  70. Which hobby would you select if you could do anything in your spare time?
  71. What qualities do you look for in a good friend?
  72. Which magical ability would you choose if you had one, and why?
  73. What caused this to happen?
  74. What is the mechanism behind this?
  75. Why did you decide to read that particular book?
  76. What do you think this reminds you of, and why?
  77. What occurred after that?
  78. What are you most excited about this month?
  79. What makes these two different?
  80. What more could we have done?
  81. What makes you the most excited, and why?
  82. What’s the worst nickname you’ve ever heard for a dog?
  83. What age do you believe mommy and daddy are?
  84. Do you want pizza or salad for dinner?
  85. What’s the craziest thing that comes to mind?
  86. What makes you want to get up and dance?
  87. What would you call fruits if you had the power to rename them?
  88. What is the most revolting thing you’ve ever seen?
  89. Would you like to ride a swing or go down a slide?
  90. Do you prefer video games or cricket?
  91. Would you rather be very intelligent or incredibly funny?
  92. Do you prefer to ride a buffalo or a cheetah?
  93. Which do you prefer: oatmeal for breakfast or oatmeal for lunch?
  94. Which would you like to be, six or three years younger?
  95. Is it more appealing to be a painter or a sculptor?
  96. Would you rather be a great vocalist or a fantastic guitarist?
  97. Is it more fun to visit a water park or an amusement park?
  98. What was the title of the book that your teacher read to the class today?
  99. When you were in school, what was your favourite part of the day?
  100. Would you rather be a magician or a superhero?

To get children to talk, we sometimes need a good conversation starter. This can brighten their day or perhaps inspire them to express their feelings after a tough day.

 It’s also a great method to urge kids to consider their future plans.

Don’t forget to share your experience.

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