Fun questions to ask your friends about yourself

Friends are fun. No matter if you crack jokes or not, it is always that around friends laughter happen naturally. Most relationships, including friendships, rely primarily on communication and effective communication comes from laughter.

Asking open-ended questions and allowing time for listening, storytelling, and responding to questions creates good communication and helps people cum friends, in this case, to learn more about each other. The questions listed above are a fun place to start. So, without any ado let’s get started.

Fun questions to ask your friends about yourself

  1. What song do I enjoy singing the most in the car with you?

If you are with your close friends then this question will be a nostalgic yet fun one. You all have had gone out for a trip or night stay or anything where your friends came to know about your music taste and you all enjoyed the most. This is a good conversation starter.

  1. When we were kids, who were my biggest crush?

This one is for the school friend circle who knows you in and out. They will probably end up teasing you by how you used to act when that crush was around. And yeah, don’t forget to fake cry hearing your old lost crush name.

  1. What do you think it is about us that we get along so well?

Now this one is more of a deep question you will say but there is a thing to note, if your friends have done some really crazy things along with you like bunking a lecture in school/college and going out to party then this question will really fun to ask. Because it will evoke some hilarious memories.

  1. Which game or reality programme do you think I’d be the best at?

If I asked this question then undoubtedly my friends will call me Mr Bean! Not because I own a green car but because I am the dumbest but the most loved in my friend circle. It is indeed fun when your friends choose the fictional character according to our nature because, in the end, they bid goodbye saying, “you made it the most memorable day.”

  1. What is it about you that makes me laugh so hard?

A little indirect teasing is fun especially when you target one friend in the group. But yes, do remember to control your words because your goal your to make it a fun conversation and not hurt your friend’s sentiments.

  1. Is there a smell that makes you think of me?

This question can get you some nasty replies or some really good ones. Try asking it and know what your friends have to say about it.

  1. What superpower would I wield if I was a superhero?

This one is a laugh generator question. Your friends are surely into marvel movies and you all possess some qualities of these superheroes so why not discuss and allot it? It would be fun to do so. 

Note: age doesn’t matter.

  1. What would I steal if I could only take one thing from you?

Your friends probably know your likes and dislike especially about the things they own but is loved by you more than them. Ask it to spark a  fun object conversation.

  1. Which animal would I choose to converse with if I had the opportunity?

Animal lovers have vivid thoughts about animals. If your friends love animals then you should try this one and engage yourself in some good laugh. Remember, sometimes it is good to make yourself a laughing stock.

  1. What time period would you visit if you had a time machine?

A time machine would provide a view into the past, but it may also have unintended repercussions.

  1. Is there anything else you’d like to know about my love life?

I’m sure your friend will ask you a lot of these things or they would say that they already know, but they might have something else on their mind that they wanted to ask you for a long time which they didn’t think might hurt your feelings and you won’t tale it as a joke. 

  1. What is the funniest memory of me?

Asking this will reveal how much your friends notice you and remember about you. Note that, they might remind you of an embarrassing moment so be mentally prepared to extract a burst of laughter from it.

  1. Can you mimic my laughter?

This could be funnier than you can think it could be. Your friends might end up laughing according to the category of laugh they will mimic. Also, be ready to dive into nostalgia.

  1. Do you hear my voice if I talk to you in your dreams?

Asking this question will make your friends think and think and think. You can come back with a savage answer like “why were you dreaming about me?” or if they say no they can’t hear your voice then say,  “does that mean you were fantasizing about me…”

  1. Where do you think you’ll always find me?

You always know your friend’s habits, how they are, what they like and usually do. This question will spark laughter of embarrassment but yeah it is not to take on the heart.

Bonus questions

  1. What has been my proudest achievement?
  2. Can you tell me the worst thing you’ve ever done?
  3. Can you describe me in three words?
  4. What is the best thing I’ve ever done?
  5. What colour do you think I’d look well in if I dyed my hair?
  6. And what has been my biggest disappointment?
  7. Where would we go on vacation if we could go anywhere?
  8. Describe the ideal day for me.
  9. To my imaginary dinner party, who would I invite?
  10. What year did we first meet?
  11. Did you think we’d be friends for this long back then?

The bottom line

If they disagree with the question or the response, clarify that they do not even know what’s upsetting them or that they don’t know how to communicate it either. Friendship isn’t based on walking on eggshells; it’s based on fear. When a “friend” is angry, it is their job to represent themselves. It’s petty, nasty, and primitive to play games and give someone quiet treatment. After you’ve heard them out, give them some space and consider your reaction. 

Remember, your goal is to have a fun time with your friends and not hurt their feelings.

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