How Do I Hide My Profile On Zoosk Can Keep You from Marrying the Wrong Person

You might be wondering how to hide your profile from lesser matching profiles.  In this guide, I will explain to you the steps to How Do I Hide My Profile On Zoosk.

So, that you can save your time and energy for the one you are keenly interested in.

I will explain to you step by step that you need to follow any other platform to block some unwanted person from contacting you.

Here, in Zoosk, you can hide your profile from such persons to avoid toxicity in your life.

Can You Hide Your Profile On Zoosk?

How Do I Hide My Profile On Zoosk

Profiles on Zoosk are private, barring the fact that the ordinary public cannot see it constantly. Profiles on Zoosk are accessible only by other Zoosk members.

The idea of subscribing to Zoosk is for others to see your profile. If a member wishes to hide his profile on Zoosk, it can be done.

Therefore to hide your profile you are there are only two options. They are: 

  • Account pausing 
  • Hide and Seek upgrade.

How to Pause your Account? 

This happens when you wish to take a temporary break from Zoosk. Pausing is the best option as Zoosk lets you hide your profile only.

They would let you maintain your account and all your messages, connections, and profile, and all these would come back to you on the day you decide to stop ‘ pausing.’  

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So what happens when you pause your account? 

  • No Zoosk member can view your profile till it is ‘ un-paused. 
  • All your possessions, namely the profile, messages, and connections, would be restored when you return, releasing the pause button. 
  • None of the messages and communication sent by Zoosk members to you would reach you.
  • Even emails from Zoosk and its members will not reach you. The only exception to this rule is mailing requesting the renewal and the other ones connected with the reactivation of your paused account. 
  • In case you are a subscriber and opt for pausing, the subscription will remain active.

Pausing Zoosk Account is not the easiest of procedures. It has to be done through the device you set it up initially with and the one you continue to access it with.

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Can you hide your profile from someone on Zoosk?

The Zoosk app allows members to view each other’s profiles privately, while the public cannot view them. Zoosk members can hide their profiles with two different options: by pausing their accounts or by purchasing the Hide & Seek upgrade.

Here are the steps you need to adopt;

If Through Your Computer: 

  • Log in to the Zoosk account by opening the browser and type in www.
  • On the top left corner, where your nickname is there, find a cog-like icon. Click on that. 
  • Now choose the Menu Account. You will find yourself on the account page. 
  • Choose Account status
  • Now click on ” Pause Account’. Follow a set of new instructions to pause the account.
  • Access the Zoosk App on the Android phone owned by you 
  • In the left-hand corner, there are three lines. Tap on these three lines 
  • Your nickname would appear next to an icon shaped like a gear.
  • Now tap on the account 
  • Tap the pencil close to your Account status.
  • Click on Pause Account. The rest of the instructions would follow.
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When does one opt for Hiding and Seek? 

The user opts for this when 

  • In an attempt to control the volume of attention they have been receiving
  • You do not want the other member to know that you have been paying attention to their profile 

What does Hide and Seek mean on Zoosk?

With Hide & Seek, memberships can choose their level of visibility: Hide, Medium and High. You can only be seen by people you message if you hide your profile. Seek. Make sure you are fully visible and let people know when you are viewing them.

Herein, Hide and Seek provide visibility at three levels. They are 

  1. Hide Only if you message certain people, they become aware of your profile.
  2. Seek: Your profile will become visible only when you view them. 
  3. Sneak: You can check out on people without letting them be aware that you are watching them. The irony is that you are visible on Zoosk.

How much is zoosk hide and seek?

In addition to the basic features, all premium features are available for $29.95 per month.

Can I Hide My Photo on Zoosk?

It is not mandatory to upload your photo in Zoosk, but the profile upload is a must! Photo and profile are highly recommended as it gathers a lot of attention compared to the situation it is not there. 

So, you have uploaded your photo now and wish to hide it. But, it is not possible to alienate your photo and hide it alone. You have to hide your complete profile as a photo is a part of the profile. 

Therefore you have to necessarily ‘ Pause’ your Zoosk account. As a result, you would exist in Zoosk with all your information and messages intact but would become inaccessible to all members. 

Even Zoosk cannot access you apart from sending you reminders for subscription and when the pausing should stop.

Therefore it is not possible to hide your photo alone in case you have uploaded it. 

How do I make myself invisible on Zoosk?

Click on Go invisible on the Search page from your computer. Scroll down the page and select it. This feature can be accessed for 30 minutes after choosing it at the top of your profile.

How can you tell if someone is a paid member on Zoosk?

If you get on the “carousel”, it will ask if you want to say No, maybe, or Yes. You earn a point every time you click on the ‘maybe’ or ‘yes’ icon, and the points may be accumulated as many times as you wish, without any limits. This has nothing to do with you contacting them or not contacting them. Contact is included in the paid subscription.

Why do profiles disappear on Zoosk?

Research has shown that ghosting is based, in part, on the inability of the person engaging in the behavior to establish boundaries, a symptom of codependency, or to conclude the relationship.


All the details mentioned above hide your profile from the people you want to avoid while finding your perfect date. If you have any queries regarding any steps mentioned above, feel free to comment below.

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