How does eHarmony billing work | eHarmony billing phone number

Lets Find Out How does eHarmony billing work and phone number.

eHarmony is the most trusted dating site in the world. The Subscription page also has information on our membership terms and pricing. eHarmony can help you find your match with unlimited matches, increased search options, unrestricted conversation, and more. 

You will also receive a full individual personality report when you initially become a Premium Member. This is a highly personalised study of your compatibility test findings, including individually tailored dating advice.

You will have access to all of the available features whether you sign up for six months or two years. Those who choose to pay more money no longer have an “advantage.” With each option, you will pay the same amount. Choosing the lump amount or any of the other three options has no eHarmony cost advantages.

In this article, you will know all the billing methods eHarmony use. You will also know the plans and the cost per instalment per plan.

How does eHarmony billing work?

eHarmony’s Cost Structure Has Changed Recently, all plans now include full access to all premium services, including the new video chat option. The only variation between each plan is the length of time you are willing to commit to. The three-month plan is no longer in effect. 6 months, 12 months (1 year), and 24 months are now available (2 years). Instead of a maximum of three instalments, eHarmony now offers the option of breaking payments into four instalments.

Each plan will renew annually to a 12-month plan, regardless of the term you choose. However, the cost of each 12-month plan will be drastically different. You’re better off cancelling and signing up again if you buy the 6-month eHarmony package. Your details and profile will be retained, but you can save a lot of money by signing up for an annual subscription.

On all of eHarmony’s plans, this is done automatically. This implies that if you pay for a year’s worth of dating, you’ll be charged again on day 366, and your membership will renew. You simply need to go into your account settings and disable auto-renewal. For it to go through successfully, you’ll need to do it at least 24 hours before your membership expires.

Once you’ve gotten to know eHarmony, you can upgrade to a Premium Membership, which provides you complete access to the site and all of its features. Unlimited matches, improved search options, viewing images of all your matches, and unlimited conversation is all included. Our Premium Membership is available in 6-, 12-, and 24-month increments.

eHarmony plans

24-Month Premium Extra Membership Plan

  • The Premium Extra Membership plan is also known as the Premium Plus Membership plan.
  • The cost of this premium eHarmony plan is $35.90 per month.
  • PayPal or five other credit or debit card alternatives are available for payment.

Optional Payments:

Option 1: $201.93 in four instalments

Option 2: Pay $269.25 in three instalments.

Option 3: Pay $403.88 in two instalments.

Option 4: Total upfront payment of $807.75

12-Month Premium Plus Membership Plan

  • This eHarmony membership package costs $45.90 per month.
  • Premium Plus is the name of the one-year plan.
  • Also available as a single payment, two, three, or four equal-sized payments.

Options for payment include:

Option 1: $120.49 in four instalments

Option 2: Pay $160.65 in three instalments.

Option 3: Pay $240.98 in two instalments.

Option 4: Total upfront payment of $481.95

6-Month Premium Light Membership Plan

  1. This eHarmony plan is $65.90 per month.
  2. The plan can be paid in one lump sum or divided into two, three, or four equal instalments.

Options for payment include:

Option 1: $98.85 in four instalments

Option 2: Pay $131.80 in three instalments.

Option 3: Pay $197.70 in two instalments.

Option 4: Total upfront payment of $395.40

eHarmony billing phone number

There is no billing phone number available for eHarmony. To use the online help centre, all you have to do is submit a question. Furthermore, the eHarmony customer support website has a section where you may get dating advice. To ask your question, go to, then dating advice, and finally ask-experts. If you have a specific question about how to prepare for a date with your match, you can contact one of the dating experts.

Frequently asked questions

Is the expense of eHarmony really worth it?

To us, without a doubt. It’s well worth the money if you’re looking for that special someone to spend the rest of your life with. You’re not attempting to pick out a new pair of pants or a new outfit, as we like to say. You’re looking for someone with whom you could spend the rest of your life. That’s worth every penny to us.

Is there a way to obtain a discount on eHarmony?

eHarmony occasionally provides subscription discounts, but these deals are only visible to customers who have signed up for a free trial account. At the link above, you may sign up for a free trial account right now.

Is eHarmony more costly than other online dating platforms?

Yes, eHarmony costs more than the other online dating sites. The cost difference is simply a few dollars per month, yet the benefits and success you gain access to are well worth it. The increased cost of an eHarmony membership is certainly worth it if you’re willing to invest in yourself and your potential relationship.

With an eHarmony membership, are there any additional fees or add-ons?

No! Only one membership level is available at eHarmony, and it includes all of the features. Unlike other websites, you cannot pay to get an advantage over other users.

The bottom line

By clicking the ‘Contact Customer Care’ button, you can contact the team. I hope this was helpful.

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