Lemon Dating App Review | Don’t use it for serious dating

Lemon is a dating app that allows users to build a profile and swipe through other users’ profiles in order to find potential matches. It’s free for iOS and Android devices. When you’re ready to meet up, the app also suggests cool date ideas nearby.

If you are interested in finding out more about the Lemon dating app, then keep reading this detailed review that has been written after thoroughly testing out the features on offer. To start with, I’ll give you an overview of what it does and how it works before diving into the details so that you have a clear idea of whether or not it could be useful for your love life.

Lemon Dating App Review

The app boasts a 4.5-star rating in the iTunes store and has been ranked highly on multiple dating apps lists, but it’s important to note that these reviews are largely written by people who have never used the app, or who have only used it once or twice. 

In these scenarios, it’s almost inevitable that the review will be glowing with positivity and good vibes because the reviewer doesn’t have all of the information necessary to make an accurate decision about whether they like the product or not.

It’s good to keep this in mind when checking out any product review—especially when you’re looking at ratings and reviews posted on a company’s own website! I won’t even read reviews posted directly on a company’s website because I know there are going to be biases involved that I don’t want to influence my decision-making process. Who knows what kind of underhanded marketing strategies could be happening?

What is the lemon dating app? 

The lemon dating app was designed in 2019 to be a fun and low-pressure way for people to meet new friends or romantic partners. Users swipe right or left on profiles, just like on other popular dating apps, but the difference is that they start off with a video chat instead of a text conversation. This allows users to build trust and “chemistry” with each other before they even start messaging. The video chat also provides a safe way for users to make sure they are meeting someone who isn’t already taken or dangerous (since many people have had bad experiences with online dating in the past).

searching and matchmaking of Lemon dating app

To begin, you can search for users by entering search criteria into the search bar. The available options are based on specified distance from you, age range, gender, and location. You may also sort your searches by their popularity or recency (the order in which they were posted). If you’d like to get even more specific with your searches, you have the option of saving a search that contains complex criteria as a “filter” so that it’s easy to access again later.

Lemon dating app matchmaking works in much the same way as searching: you specify what kind of partner(s) you’re interested in finding (or seeing), and it will show you people who fit those criteria. The filters available for matchmaking are identical to those used for searching (distance from your location, age range, gender, and location). In addition to being able to set filters when matchmaking manually through the Find Matches page, there is also an algorithm that suggests matches for you automatically based on a variety of factors such as the data in your profile.

Sign up process for the lemon dating app

Signing up for Lemon Dating is a simple and straightforward process. You simply choose who you are (man or woman), who you’re seeking, and complete your profile information. Upload a photo of yourself and add some personal details to make it easier to find matches. And don’t forget to add your age, height, weight, hobbies, interests, lifestyle habits (like smoking/drinking), relationship status, and location.

After you submit your profile information on Lemon Dating, the site will create a profile for you based on the details entered in the signup form along with any other additional information that may be found in public search results. The site will then send automated emails to members containing links directing those users back to your profile page where they can view all the details about you before deciding whether they want to contact you or not.

How does it work?

Lemon is a free dating app available on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store. You can use your Facebook or phone number account to create an account. It’s a location-based app that lets you find people near you. You can filter matches based on locations, interests, age, and other criteria. Once you find someone who has caught your eye, you can invite them as a friend by tapping on the “Request Friend” button below their profile photo. If the person accepts your request, then you’ll be able to message each other from within Lemon’s app interface.

Lemon is at its heart a hookup app, but it also lets you search for friends or long-term partners if that’s what you’re looking for in life.

What are its features?

Lemon Dating App features include:

  • You can see who is nearby, as well as who is online.
  • You can see who has viewed your profile, liked your profile, added you to their list of favorites, and messaged you.
  • Lemon Dating App users have the option of giving a “like” or “nope” to other users (depending on whether they’re interested) in a Tinder-style format. There is also an “I’m interested” feature.
  • Lemon Dating App offers various advanced search functions for finding people based on location and interests. These can be saved for later use in a section called “My Searches.”

How much does the Lemon dating app cost? subscription charges

The Lemon dating app offers its users two different subscription packages that allow them to use the app. If you are a free user, you can’t access several features of the app. You will only be able to see public profiles and send friend requests. Once your friend request is accepted, then you can send messages to that person as well. You can also play matchmaking games on the Lemon Dating App for free as well. But if you want to use other features like seeing private profiles, sending gifts, seeing who liked your profile and many more then you have to upgrade your account into a premium account by subscribing to one of the packages

who should use the Lemon dating app?

The Lemon dating app is available for download on both Apple and Google Play. It’s free to join, and anyone who is 18 years old or older can use it. The Lemon app is intended for those who are searching for casual hookups, not serious relationships. As such, it isn’t a good fit for those looking to settle down with a long-term partner or find someone to start a family with.

By way of background, Lemon was founded in 2014 as an alternative to Tinder. The original intention was that its founder would use the company as a means of meeting women in his area; however, the product proved so popular that he decided to make it public and opened up the service to more users.

The Pros

  • Lemon is easy to use, with a simple and intuitive layout similar to that of other dating apps.
  • Lemon is fun, with lots of features like quizzes, personal profiles, and a good sense of humor.
  • Lemon is free!
  • There’s no need to worry about having the right device or operating system; Lemon was made for both desktop and mobile.

The Cons

The cons are plentiful, and the app has many flaws. First, there just aren’t that many users. In a year of dating app use, I’ve messaged over 50 people on Lemon but only heard back from about 10. Of those 10, about half are still active on the app and haven’t given up yet as I have, so my experience is probably pretty close to what others have when it comes to response rate (5%). The most striking problem with the user base is this: there aren’t enough women using it. In my experience, there’s a ratio of 1 woman to every 20 men on Lemon. 

At first, I thought this was because maybe everyone was lying in their profile descriptions (and they were), but then I realized that guys were actually just swiping right on everyone in hopes of getting matches—even profiles that said “I’m only here to make friends” or “This is my second account” or “I’m not really looking for a relationship.” It seems like most men are using the app just to hook up instead of actually dating anyone seriously.

It’s not for serious dating.

However, Lemon is not the place to look for a committed relationship. It’s simply not built in such a way as to be conducive. There are too many issues that make it more frustrating than fun. The system of matching people is not sophisticated, and the available tools for chatting aren’t enough for long-term relationships. Not to mention, there are far too many people on the app who seem only to want sex or have other interests that don’t match with yours.

As such, I wouldn’t recommend using Lemon if you’re looking for someone serious. You can try it out if you really want, but you may find yourself frustrated by what it doesn’t offer and worse off than when you started.


In conclusion, I don’t recommend Lemon to people who are looking for a long-term companion. For more serious dating, I would recommend the OkCupid app (not sponsored), which seems to have more genuine users and more opportunities to really get to know a person before taking the plunge of meeting in person. 

However, if you’re looking for something casual and fun, Lemon could be right up your street.

Best of luck with your love life!

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