100 Questions to Ask a Girl – The Only List You’ll Ever Need

Not everyone is able to make an instant connection and communicate with ease. Asking a question to start a conversation is a good way to get closer to the girl you’re chatting to. The relationships we have had a big role in communication. 

It’s important to show your interest in someone, whether you’re meeting her for the first time or have had a crush on her for a long time. Use some of these 100 questions to ask a lady to learn more about her and be prepared to use them as a springboard for additional conversation.

Don’t simply sit there and question her about herself; she’s also interested in learning about you! There will be lulls in the conversation, so ask a random, unrelated question every now and then.

Some people thrive with a friend or partner who is the polar opposite of their personality and style, while others want someone who shares their likes. Keeping this in mind, I have listed 100 questions to ask a GIRL.

  1. Do you prefer to watch a movie alone or with other people?
  2. Do you have a phobia of being in water that is too deep for you?
  3. Do you try to eat a well-balanced diet?
  4. Do you ever participate in any of your city’s cultural activities?
  5. Do you think it’s vital to replace your phone on a frequent basis?
  6. Do you get sick on a regular basis?
  7. Are you a voracious reader?
  8. What colour pen do you prefer to use when writing?
  9. Do you like going to malls for shopping?
  10. Do you believe alcohol isn’t bad until consumed in excess?
  11. Do you like it when you’re the centre of attention?
  12. What is your most memorable experience?
  13. Do you like to spend or save money?
  14. Have you been to a museum?
  15. Are you more of a dog or cat person?
  16. Which of these jokes is your favourite?
  17. What is your favourite time of year?
  18. What is your horoscope sign?
  19. Is there a book that you could read again and over without getting bored?
  20. What would you do first if you only had one day left to live?
  21. Do you think there are soulmates?
  22. Have you ever had a romantic relationship? How many times have you done this?
  23. Do you think it’s possible to fall in love at first sight?
  24. What does it mean to you to be vulnerable?
  25. Do you know what language you use to express your love?
  26. Which romantic act do you think is exaggerated?
  27. What’s the biggest red sign in your relationship?
  28. What do you consider to be your most valuable possession?
  29. Which conspiracy theory is your favourite?
  30. Why are round pizzas packaged in square boxes?
  31. Which of your pals reminds you the most of a character from a television programme or film?
  32. If you only had 24 hours to live, what would you do?
  33. What would you do if there was a zombie apocalypse?
  34. Have you ever gone without underpants for a day?
  35. Who was the first person you ever had a crush on?
  36. Do you believe aliens are real?
  37. Have you ever gotten behind the wheel of someone else’s car without their permission?
  38. Are you familiar with how to fold a fitted sheet?
  39. Which planet is your least favourite?
  40. Which breed would you want to be if you were a dog?
  41. What would you ask the president if you had one chance to ask him a ridiculous question?
  42. What soap do you find the most irritating, and why?
  43. What is the most seductive name you have ever heard?
  44. Do you still have a stuffed animal in your bed?
  45. What’s the most bizarre inebriated encounter you’ve ever had?
  46. Do mermaids give birth to live children or deposit eggs?
  47. What is the most inventive insult you can come up with?
  48. Have you made up a rumour about yourself in order to get people talking about you?
  49. When was the last time you extended a second opportunity to someone?
  50. Do you think of yourself as a romantic or a cynic?
  51. What is the most thoughtful thing a partner has done for you?
  52. What’s the biggest turn-on for you?
  53. When was the last time you expressed your affection for someone?
  54. What happened to you that helped you grow as a person?
  55. Where do you feel the most like yourself?
  56. What is it about yourself that you admire the most?
  57. What TV show are you currently binge-watching?
  58. Who do you believe has had the most influence on who you are today?
  59. How do you unwind after a long day at work?
  60. When was the last time you watched a movie in a theatre?
  61. Do you have a favourite phrase?
  62. What’s the best snack to have while watching a film?
  63. Have you ever witnessed a train accident?
  64. What is the most awe-inspiring thing you’ve ever witnessed?
  65. Have you ever thought of joining the army?
  66. What is the first film you recall seeing?
  67. Do you yearn to be a kid again?
  68. What was the most enjoyable experience you’ve ever had?
  69. Have you ever “dumped” a friend?
  70. What qualities do you look for in a friend?
  71. What is the most cherished memory you have?
  72. Which of the meals is the most crucial?
  73. Are you able to enjoy yourself in inclement weather?
  74. Do you enjoy visiting museums?
  75. Do you follow a daily schedule?
  76. What social networking platforms do you use?
  77. Are you more at ease inside or outside?
  78. What is your favourite film epoch?
  79. What do you like about being in the woods?
  80. What other options did you consider for a career?
  81. What kind of humour do you enjoy?
  82. What types of news do you follow?
  83. Is it true that clowns are creepy?
  84. Have you seen the new film that was recently released?
  85. Are you a competitive person?
  86. What are some of the hobbies you’d want to try?
  87. To you, what does friendship entail?
  88. What is too serious to be joked about, if anything?
  89. What would be your ideal automobile?
  90. What are your thoughts on ancient black-and-white films?
  91. What is one of your favourite words?
  92. Have you ever considered keeping an exotic or dangerous animal as a pet?
  93. Have you ever had an obnoxious friend?
  94. Would you rather sweat all the time or cry all the time?
  95. What is the oldest technological device you’ve ever used?
  96. What’s the most obscene joke you’ve ever heard?
  97. In a rap fight, who do you think would lose the most?
  98. What would be the dumbest thing you’d do if you only had a week to live?
  99. Have you ever experimented with a sensory deprivation tank?
  100. What are the advantages and disadvantages of owning a smartphone?

So, I made things easy for you! Use this and enjoy.

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